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Invest in wine with WineFi


Fine wine is a fascinating asset class, but investing in wine has remained opaque, expensive and inaccessible. 


The world has changed and this British Startup is changing the wine investing game. WineFi makes investing in wine as easy as buying a stock. Gain access to diversified, expertly-curated collections of fine wine and receive profits when the assets are sold.



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GiveLink makes donating as simple as online shopping


Do you want to donate to charity but are unsure where to start? Check out Givelink, a Startup from Greece, that makes donating as simple as online shopping.


Givelink collaborates with charitable organizations that create a wish list of products they need and have an immediate requirement for, which is listed on the platform. For each product, you can see the quantities needed and either choose the products you want to donate to the charitable organization of your choice or use SmartPick.


With SmartPick, you simply enter the amount you wish to donate and the algorithm creates the optimal donation basket based on the amount and the organization’s specific needs.


You can even track the status of your donation from the purchase to the delivery, increasing transparency in the donation process.




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Decentralized social media app Fansday


This Startup from Dubai, Fansday, is redefining fan experience on the blockchain by creating a closer connection between creators (celebrities, singers, athletes, fashion brands…) and their loyal fans. 


Fans can earn fan tokens and with tokens, they get to vote for creators’ next moves, get access to exclusive content and connect with creators. 


Through their Fansland, a social metaverse designed for fans, you can expect virtual metaverse stores, virtual museums and community events offering many exciting features in the app. 


Onefan, the company operating Fansday was founded by Ray Kessouh in 2022. As a web3 visionary and builder, Ray previously successfully led HiTrip, a blockchain-based travel company.




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Automate your financial data with Hermesnet products


This innovative Startup from London, founded in 2021, Hermesnet automates financial data collection, portfolio monitoring & reports.


Created for all sizes & types of organizations, & using cutting-edge technologies (AI, cloud collaboration & blockchain), their products help to:

  • identify ESG starting point
  • engage stakeholders
  • build a reporting template utilizing leading frameworks (GRI, TCFD, GHG & SDG)
  • collect & validate ESG data
  • generate ESG report
  • automate the process


CEO & Founder Iurii Riabykin CFA & other team members are entrepreneurs & professionals with IT, PE, & investment backgrounds from Nomura, the London Stock Exchange, Calypso Technology, & Deutsche Bank.




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