Privacy Policy




We are a team behind the PitchSee, a project ran by the limited liability company PichSee LLC, having registered seat in Zagreb (Republic of Croatia), email: [email protected].

This policy refers to personal data collected and processed via this web page according to GDPR (as defined hereinafter) and other legal act regulating data protection rights and obligations, including the data protection in electronic communications services.

This policy informs PitchSee’s users of data protection rights and duties which they have by activating the account on PitchSee. Registration of the profile on PitchSee implies that the user has read and understood this policy.




For better understanding of this policy, the following definitions will have the following meaning:


Definition Meaning
“GDPR” means Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (General Data Protection Regulation).
“PitchSee” means online platform on web domain pitchsee.com, owned by the limited liability company PitchSee, having the registered seat in Zagreb (Republic of Croatia), registered with the Court Registry of the Commercial Court in Zagreb under the registration number: 081360287.
“Policy” means this privacy policy regulating the data protection matters on this web page according to GDPR and other applicable legal acts regulating data protection matters.

means any person/entity other than PitchSee to whom the PitchSee will forward and/or make available the personal data collected on PitchSee web page.

“Supervisory authority”
means the state body authorized to monitor the behaviors of data controllers in the country and to undertake investigative, corrective and advisor measures for any breach of GDPR and any other relevant data protection law.

means all users having the registered account on PitchSee web page.




PitchSee’s core services

All subscribed users have agreed on terms of use defining the terms and conditions under which PitchSee will provide the service. While having an active account on PitchSee platform, user is in contractual relationship with PitchSee. PitchSee will process the user’s data on contractual basis i.e., for purposes necessary to perform the contract – to help users to match with business opportunities.


Contact data

PitchSee will send an email newsletters to users and visitors on basis of user’s and visitor’s consent (opt-in). Users and visitors can opt-out from the consent to receive the newsletter at any time. Opt-out does not affect the validity of processing which had occurred before the consent was revoked.

PitchSee will send informative e-mails to subscribed users. Those e-mails can contain instructions and news regarding the functionalities on PitchSee platform, reminders before the expiry of the subscription and similar information. PitchSee has a legitimate interest to send this type of e-mails since in this way we create best possible customers’ experience and make sure that the users are fully familiar with all benefits they can gain from registering at PitchSee.

In order to provide the best service to its users, PItchSee has a multi-step registration procedure for pitchers and non-profit organizations. The practice shows that those users sometimes might have difficulties within such registration due to which only one telephone call with our staff can make things much faster and easier. PitchSee will use your phone contact data exclusively for those practical purposes, whereas we will at any occasion respect your preference regarding resolving any potential difficulties via telephone call or email.


Communication metadata

The users will have the possibility to communicate on the PitchSee platform via chat or by choosing the option to call another user or to make an appointment. PitchSee will not process or have any access to content of such communication. PitchSee will process only communication metadata i.e., information who made a contact, in which manner, how long the communication took place and similar. PitchSee has a legitimate interest to collect this data in order to create a high-quality statistic from which PitchSee will have insight in general users’ preferences and keep on adapting the platform according to users’ needs.



The users will have available chatbot option whereas PitchSee will have access to the user’s identification only in course, but not after the interaction with chatbot takes place. PitchSee will keep the content of inquiry, but in anonymized way i.e., without any connection with the identity of the user who send the inquiry, in order to create statistics of users’ experience and make improvements if necessary.




As PitchSee takes full care of all data protection principles defined by GDPR, PitchSee takes care of storing the personal data no longer than necessary for achieving purposes stated hereinabove. We do not store personal data longer than 6 months from suspension or deactivation of the user’s account.

Also, the user has a possibility to erase the browsing history and/or change the settings of search filters at any time. This can be freely managed by the user by adapting the user’s account settings.


How to request data deletion?


To initiate the data deletion process, users can access the ‘Delete account’ option conveniently located within their profile settings, accessible via the ‘Edit profile’ option in the upper right corner menu. Upon selecting ‘Delete account,’ a confirmation email for deletion will be dispatched to the user’s registered email address. Once the user confirms this action, their account and all associated data will be irrevocably and securely removed from our platform.




Recipients of users’ data

User’s data can be seen by authorized PitchSee’s employers who undertook the confidentiality obligation.

User’s data can be also seen by other users, depending on the category of user (Pitcher, NPO or Investor) and on type of subscription.

PitchSee chooses only reliable business partners, having the access to users’ data, whose services are essential for regular functioning of PitchSee. Categories of such partners are the following:

  • hosting service provider who can have access to the users’ data stored on PitchSee web page directly or indirectly (such as browsing data on the page) in order to provide hosting service,
  • newsletter service provider can have access to contact e-mail address and content of the news received by the users in order to provide newsletter service,
  • IT support hosting service provider can have access to the users’ data stored on PitchSee web page in order to perform legitimate interest of providing IT support,
  • external accounting service can have access to billing data for purposes of creating the accounting documentation and fulfilling the statutory accounting obligations,
  • outsourced legal counsel can have access to the data relevant for the case where it is necessary to protect PitchSee’s rights and legal interest.


Cross-border transactions

Since PitchSee is a global service platform, data collected via PitchSee web page will inevitably be transferred outside EEA countries. Where general appropriate safeguard as defined in GDPR are not applicable, PitchSee will transfer or enable the access to the data only in order to fulfil the service required by the users themselves.

Where applicable, PitchSee will adopt appropriate safeguards (e.g., standard contractual clauses issued by European Commission). This might be the case where the PitchSee would cooperate with service providers or other business partners having the seat outside EEA countries.


Links to other web pages and social media

PitchSee can publish link to other web pages, e.g., when PitchSee publishes informative articles or news including the links. PitchSee does not warrant for appropriate protection of privacy rights on those pages. Therefore, the user should and is encouraged to get familiar with the privacy terms and conditions on those web pages. PitchSee will not be held liable for any unlawfulness found of the web page of third party.

PitchSee can put on its web page the links to social media i.e., to PitchSee’s profile on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Xing. By clicking on social media icons on PitchSee’s official web page, the data collected on PitchSee can be transferred to related social media provider. Please have in mind that PitchSee is not liable for the purpose/manner and any other features of data processing by those social media. Therefore, the users should get familiar with privacy terms of the social media they visit by clicking on a link published on PitchSee web site.




Each user has a right to access, rectification and restriction of processing the personal data. Depending on legal basis and manner of processing, users have a right on data portability, objection to processing and revoking the consent, if applicable.

You can send your inquiries on [email protected]. Besides, you can send the objections to Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency (Croatian supervisory authority) on [email protected], or to supervisory authority established in user’s country.




PitchSee reserves the right to update this policy at any time. All updates will be created and published in the same manner as this policy. All users will be specifically informed of any amendment of the policy either in first next occasion when they visit PitchSee web site, or via email.

Each amendment of this policy will designate the date as of which the amendments will be applicable.


Updated on May 21st, 2021