About us

About us

about us

What do we do & what's the timeline?

We are the only platform that really succeeded to build a simple overview of startup projects, connect them with Investors without barriers & get the biggest pool of projects.

  • We cut through high demands of pre-selection for Startups, ideas welcomed.
  • We shortened the time of finding an investment opportunity to 120 sec.
  • We launched beta this summer & we are preparing to fully open the platform by the end of 2023.

We don’t interfere, we don’t take commissions, we only connect.

dedicated to enable funding for innovations

Who are we?

Young, passionate & dedicated to changing the game. We believe we are closing the right market gap and opening a way for online business opportunities.

  • Team of 11 professionals.
  • With several decades of experience & awards for digital & creative solutions.
  • Together we have 15 pets :)

the world needs innovations

Why do we do this?

Because it’s time to open the door for real market potential & leave the bottleneck of Startup pre-selection behind.

  • Startups need an easy starting point to present projects.
  • Investors need straight-to-the point overview of projects.
  • Too many project fail to make breakthrough.

meet the team

People behind PitchSee


Nataša Đuričić
Co-founder & Angel Investor

When I’m old and dying, I want to say that I’ve worked my passion. How about you?


Jelena Brbora
Project Manager

I’ve never fully understood why Mondays are so disliked. So if you love Mondays like me, you must be doing something you’re passionate about.


Clemens Mark
Head of Investor Relations

You know you’ve found your passion when you meet a business opportunity that resonates with you & you feel that X-factor that makes time not present.


Marina Topolko
Lead Startups Scout

You can either step forward into growth or you can step back into safety. Don’t be afraid of your challenges, maybe your passion is calling.


Maja Kelava
Lead Market Analyst

Only with passion can you push your limits when times are challenging. Choose a vision to work on & every single task will make sense


Sanjica Ćaćić Hećimović
Communication Team Lead

Communication is the lifeline of any relationship but the secret ingredient stays passion.


Jurica Vuković
Creative Director

Creativity & Passion are the most powerful human skills that spice it all up & take it to a higher level.


Zdenko Baitella
Backend Team Lead

Every successful project task is a reminder that everything great is built from small pieces & passion to put it all together in a perfect whole.


Martina Brnić
Dev Manager

Either you do it with passion or you don’t do it at all.


Krešimir Nekić
Dev Team Manager

It’s the passion that makes a difference between just a job & the job.


Ela Drakulić
Social Media Manager

Social media is really just about sharing your passion & passion is the gasoline for all.


Andrej Bešlić
Content Creator

Creativity is intelligence having fun. Be passionate.


Luka Čižmak
Video Specialist

We are operating in a world where one good video pitch can lead to massive success. Dare to follow your passion.


Maja Šutalo
Legal Support

Let your passion & focus lead you to great successes. Feel safe & enjoy the joourney!


global reach

PitchSee was born in a beautiful country Croatia, small but with a global reach. You are welcome to visit…

croatia. big ideas