Success isn’t a stroke of luck; it’s a deliberate journey filled with strategic choices and mindset shifts. Picture a road paved with secret signposts, guiding you through the complexities of personal and professional growth, making your path not just manageable but remarkably efficient.


In this quick dive, we explore the essence of what propels individuals to the zenith of success. From a myriad of laws, here are seven key insights to share with you, providing a peek into the timeless wisdom that propels the world’s most accomplished individuals forward. Remember, success leaves clues, and it’s time to start following the trail! 



1.Prioritize the sequence of your five buckets


Have you ever marveled at individuals with a Midas touch in both their careers and personal development? It’s not just luck; it’s about strategically filling the right buckets – knowledge, skills, network, resources, and reputation – in a specific order.


Think of knowledge as the skyscraper’s foundation; the stronger it is, the higher you can build.


Knowledge transforms into skills, creating tools in your toolbox, making you valuable to yourself and others.


A robust network leads to a plethora of resources, tangible and intangible, while reputation becomes the crown jewel, opening doors and bringing unimaginable opportunities.


Beware of shortcuts – filling later buckets first weakens your foundation. Start with knowledge and skills; they are your steadfast allies in a lifetime of potential and value.



2. Ask binary questions instead of stating facts


Facts versus questions – which is more compelling? Research suggests that questions, especially binary ones, are powerful motivators for action and change.The question-behavior effect capitalizes on the psychological phenomenon of cognitive dissonance, pushing individuals to resolve the tension created by linking behavior to their ideal self-image.


Applying this effect to daily life transforms passive plans into committed actions. So, instead of stating, “I will go to the gym today,” ask, “Will I go to the gym today?” The power lies not in the statement but in the question, sparking motivation and commitment.


3. Leverage the goldilocks effect when selling


Hidden in a children’s story is a powerful tool for influencing buyer decisions – the Goldilocks effect. This psychological phenomenon suggests that people are most attracted to moderate, middle-of-the-road choices. Presenting options that include a high-end, expensive model, a basic, affordable version, and the middle option positions the latter as “just right” – the best value.


Mastering this effect plays on the perception of value, making the middle option seem the most reasonable and safe. Use the Goldilocks effect to guide purchasing decisions and watch your sales soar.


4. Focus on the first 5 seconds of any marketing


Effort In the dynamic world of business, the first five seconds can make or break your audience’s engagement. Crafting an emotional, concise narrative that resonates with your audience is key to grabbing attention.


With the average human attention span now shorter than a goldfish’s, capturing attention has become a critical battleground. Attention is a gift, and the secret to earning it lies in those powerful first seconds. Remember, it’s about storytelling, not bombarding your audience with data or features.


5. Avoid falling prey to the ostrich effect


Uncomfortable conversations and realities are akin to band-aids on a wound – avoiding them doesn’t heal anything; it only delays the inevitable. The ostrich effect, akin to burying one’s head in the sand, is a common pitfall for business leaders.


Ignoring problems leads to negative consequences, not from poor decision-making but from the failure to make decisions at all. Tackle challenges head-on, choose the discomfort of difficult conversations over the pain of prolonged problems, and set yourself up for success by confronting and resolving issues promptly.



6. Use the discipline equation to make good use of your time


Your most invaluable asset isn’t money, fame, or skills – it’s time. The discipline equation emphasizes that discipline is crucial for using time wisely and attaining your goals. Visualize your goals, turn the journey into a game with challenges and accountability, and remove any friction that makes the journey harder than it needs to be. Live deliberately and with discipline, considering your time as a precious resource to be used wisely.


7. Build a winning team with the three bars framework


A team is only as strong as its weakest link, and upholding your company’s culture is crucial. The three bars framework is a tool for evaluating team members based on their influence on company values and morale.


Those who raise the bar deserve recognition and promotion, spreading their positive influence. On the other hand, those who lower the bar, regardless of talent, must be let go.


Use this framework not only in personnel decisions but also in recruitment, ensuring every new hire elevates your team’s standard. Bold decisions in maintaining a strong company culture are declarations of commitment to a thriving, positive, and robust organization.




Success in business and life requires strategic approaches and mindset shifts. From prioritizing personal growth to influencing behavior, each of the seven key ideas offers unique insights.


The first five seconds in marketing, the Goldilocks effect in selling, and the ostrich effect in decision-making highlight critical aspects of navigating challenges.


The discipline equation underscores the value of time management and living with intention. In team dynamics, maintaining a strong company culture is essential, with the three bars framework guiding impactful personnel decisions.


These principles provide a comprehensive guide for maximizing potential in both personal and professional realms.

Inspired by a book “The Diary of a CEO”; Steven Bartlett

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7 Key Ideas to Success in Business and Life

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