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How to get Investor’s attention in 120 seconds with a video pitch?



You’ve probably pitched your idea hundreds of times in person, but have you ever thought to reach your target with a video pitch? In today’s fast-evolving world it is very important to know how to shortly introduce yourself as well as your work. Whether you’re in search of potential angel investors for your company or you want to find the best way to introduce your skills to others, having a prepared pitch is a necessity. However, it is not easy to reach the right people in person. That was especially clear in the last two pandemic years when we were forced to assimilate to the home office and online meetings because of the coronavirus. Precisely because of this lack of time and live events, many companies went from elevator to video pitch.


The new era of the elevator pitch

Ever since the ’90s when it was invented, elevator pitch has become one of the most common ways of introducing ideas and business plans as simply as possible. It refers to a short description of an idea, product, or company in a way that any listener could understand. New technologies and improved devices have enhanced communication and digitalized the business world. Besides, the coronavirus pandemic has especially highlighted the possibilities that remote work can bring. The elevator pitch also followed all the changes and evolved getting a modern guise – a video pitch.


What is an effective video pitch?

Similar to an elevator pitch, an effective video pitch is a short explanatory video about your business idea. In 2 minutes or even less, it sums up the main problem, finds the best solution to solve it, and points out reasons why you are the best person to do it. What makes it effective is the exact point that you target the problem and explain why it is an important topic to discuss. Using memorable, sometimes personal elements and strong rhetorical statements, the video pitch addresses the people who share the same problem.


Moreover, if you are not addressing the concrete investors, but a certain group of people, an effective video pitch will also target the right audience. The same as every other speech, before you decide to do a video pitch, it is very important to consider the audience you’re trying to persuade. If your main target doesn’t understand what you’re trying to tell, you will probably end up not getting the job, potential investor, or selling your product. So with the right structure, strong points, and memorable approach, it will send the right message to your desired market.


Key elements of an effective video pitch


Catch their interest in the introduction


In the standard speech forms, it is normal to greet everyone, state the problem you’re challenging, introduce what are you going to talk about, and get to the main points. Those rules don’t apply in an elevator or video pitch because you have less time. The first 20 to 30 seconds are meant to get the audience’s attention. State your thesis and tell investors which specific problem you are solving for which target group. No investor wants you to bother him up with a prehistoric story about your beginnings and other unnecessary details.


Bear in mind that this is just a simpler version of regular speech. So in the introduction, you’re not giving the standard overview of the things you’re going to talk about, nor you’re describing your topic and giving the main points. State the problem or purpose, and explain why is important to them. It will especially be effective if you bring rhetorical figures such as comparison, metaphor, or analogy.


Explain your startup in the main part

Normally the main part would be the longest component of the speech because it explains key points, giving examples, pros, and cons. Considering the fact that in a video pitch we are not talking about minutes, but 30 to 60 seconds, you should go straight to the point. Present a solution you’re solving through the main points. If you’re talking about a specific product or service, present it to investors. Let’s say you are trying to find investors for special cleaning tissue that gets rid of every single stain. You should not only explain why it is the best product on the market to invest in, but also show how it works. Unlike live presentations where it is hard to show and tell everything within 30 seconds, video allows you to prepare everything in advance and record it until it shows everything perfectly.


Conclude effectively and get funded 

The conclusion should summarize the main points and state a strong thesis. When we speak about longer variations of speeches, it is always good to have in mind that many people struggle with listening actively and focusing on spoken words. That is why a standard conclusion should summarize all of the given arguments and review the central idea. In the video pitch, the best way to close your speech is with a brief introduction of your team. Clarify why your startup is an ideal platform for getting an investment. Also, don’t forget that you are a business partner with your potential investors. So look at your project from their perspective, don’t act like you’re selling it to customers. Once you’ve proven your product and the team are the best solution for funding, try to end memorable. Use rhetorical questions, catchy thoughts, or reflection quotes.



Make your perfect video pitch today

If you’re in search of the best funding opportunities, whether you’re introducing your new idea, business proposal, or company strategy, it is likely you’ll get investors’ attention by sending your video pitch. They will visualize things easier and remember you along with tons of other emails or pitch decks they receive. Keep in mind that in today’s fast-evolving digital sphere and constant changes in the world, it is very hard to get someone’s attention. If you have an idea and don’t know how to reach the right people, try with an effective video pitch. It will summarize your proposal, target the right audience and most importantly sell your idea. If you’re trying to find the best funding opportunities and need some help with creating the video pitch, let us know.

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