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Investors don’t steal startup idea, they have too much on their plate to be developing your vision, so they need YOU.





How to prevent someone from stealing your Startup idea?


Maybe you had a vision in a dream, or the Voice whispered to you while you were staring in the water, no matter what the case is, you had a fantastic idea. An idea that will at the same time catapult you into the entrepreneurial stratosphere, and enrich humanity almost like the appearance of Edison’s light bulb.


You exchanged it with your closest friends, you put together a team, and created a startup. Now, months of feverish work are behind you and your startup team and endless sleepless nights before you managed to make a prototype!


What happened after is that your project is still locked in the desk drawer. Why?  Because you’re terrified that someone might steal your startup idea and take advantage of you.


To think like that makes you shiver up your spine and you are probably thinking it’s better not to even try to find investors than to get into a situation like that. But, is this dreadful, paralyzed fear justified? And what good can it bring?


Deep down, you know the answer – no good at all, but you are still paralyzed and you are not taking action just like a rabbit in front of a car’s headlights.


On the other hand, what if we told you that there is an ideal solution for you to start looking for funding with you prototype? You can present your prototype where ever you want and approach angel investors without worrying competition will steal your ideas.  Interested?  Then keep on reading.


Where to find investors for your startup idea?


Are you ready?


Here it is.


The ideal way to approach angel investors is right here, on PitchSee with a video pitch. How come, you may ask? The catch is investors are looking for straight-to-the-point presentations of investment opportunities, without lengthy explanations, data and endless piles of papers. After all, they are entrepreneurs that don’t have extra time.


On the flip side, PitchSee has a perfect answer to how startups can present their idea straight-to-the-point and ask for funding, without wasting anyone’s time, money and without revealing too much.


You are probably eager to find out how to present your startup idea on the point without too much details, so here it is.


How to present your startup idea in the safest way?


There are two safe ways of presenting ideas.


First, there is a proven method of presenting your project by not revealing your idea in the slightest detail. That method is through the PAS formula, which stands for:



Agitation and



Use a video pitch and explain to investors the pain point of your target group (the Problem and the Agitation), and then the Solution, tell them how long you have researched and worked on the issue and how you came up with the answer. This way you will show the investors that you know what you are talking about, yet you won’t reveal your whole concept.


Also, if you upload your video pitch on PitchSee, you can choose the option to be”private”. This means your projects is not publicly available, but only to Investors.


To sum it up


If you are afraid Investors might steal your idea, think again. An idea is just an idea, and you already figured out that even getting to prototype isn’t easy at all!  Investors do not have the time to implement your idea. This is your passion and they are here to do it with you. When investors decide to invest in a project, they invest in you and your passion. That spark, that intrinsic motivation, and the emotion you radiate are something no one can copy or steal. Investors are business people looking to invest their funds and make a profit.


Therefore, remove all doubts which are swarming in your head and make the first step.


And that’s it, the first step to realizing your dream.




Don’t forget, losers are afraid, while winners got swag and all because,


Fortune favors the bold ones.

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How to prevent someone from stealing your Startup idea?

You and your team are the heartbeats of your Startup Project, no one can get in your head and steal your strategy & vision.