Ever found yourself grappling with the pressure to give away your creative work for free to prove your worth? This challenge is all too familiar for those in creative professions, where talents are often undervalued. However, a shift is occurring as some creatives reclaim their value, resist the pressure of free pitching, and build successful practices. Here we distill key proclamations into a guide for navigating industry pressures and establishing a more respected and financially rewarding approach.


Refocus your business


Transforming your creative business begins with a crucial decision to specialize. Instead of attempting to be everything for everyone, choose a niche and position yourself as a recognized leader within it. This focused approach sets you apart, reducing viable alternatives in the minds of your buyers and shifting power in the buyer-seller relationship.


Replace traditional presentations with a two-way conversational approach, collaborating closely with clients. This not only enhances collaboration but deepens your understanding of client needs, fostering consultative relationships. Reinforce your positioning as an expert practitioner by starting each engagement with a comprehensive diagnosis, ensuring tailored solutions based on a thorough understanding of real challenges. Rethink selling as facilitation, aligning with clients’ goals rather than pushing predefined solutions. Embrace this role as a critical function of your business, intertwining it with the art of professional consultation.


Build your capabilities


Broaden and deepen your specialized skills, processes, and competencies to transition into an expert company. Shift from flashy presentations to verbal conversations, confirming agreements through dialogue. Formalize your diagnostic methodology to uncover clients’ true needs, resisting pressure to shortcut this vital phase.


Evolve your perspective on sales, embracing it as facilitation and complementing your positioning as a specialist selling expertise. Commit to continuously deepening your company’s capabilities over time through regular writing, training, and fostering a culture of lifelong learning.


Value your worth


Recognize your thinking and expertise as your most valuable assets. Refuse to solve problems without appropriate compensation and address financial matters early in client interactions. Set a minimum level of engagement and be transparent about it to avoid wasting time with prospects who aren’t a financial fit.


Refuse to work at a loss, maintaining profitability in every project except for select pro bono work. Increase pricing as your expertise deepens, reflecting the growing value you bring to clients’ businesses.


Maintain your integrity


Prioritize gaining respect as an expert over immediate financial gain. The creative industry stands at a critical juncture, and maintaining your integrity is key to establishing yourself as a professional practitioner.


Be selective in your client partnerships, recognizing the power to walk away from undervaluing clients. Your ability to maintain integrity and selectivity will preserve self-respect and lead to better opportunities.



Thriving in the creative industry involves specializing, building capabilities, valuing expertise, and maintaining integrity. By embracing these principles, you’ll transform from a generalist to a specialist, commanding respect and proper compensation for your creativity. This approach not only elevates your financial status but also ensures you continue to do what you love while making a significant impact on the world around you. Embrace your journey with confidence, knowing that your unique talents and perspective are invaluable assets in the creative industry.

Inspired by a book “The Win Without Pitching Manifesto”; Blair Enns

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