We all dream of winning the job lottery – finding work that we love so much it doesn’t feel like work. The idea of discovering the job we were born to do is appealing, but is it reserved for the exceptionally talented? This blog post explores the concept that the perfect job is waiting for everyone, and all it takes is updating your career roadmap and breaking free from outdated advice.


Embrace the unpredictable path to your true calling


Finding your life’s work isn’t a one-size-fits-all journey. Traditional career paths may not lead to your dream job, and it’s okay not to have your life mapped out from the beginning. The key is to experiment and be open to unforeseeable career developments. Flip the script on conventional career advice, allowing yourself to pass up opportunities that don’t align with your passion and interests.


Prioritize joy, money, flow, and ideal working conditions


Your ideal job should be a balance of joy, financial stability, and a state of flow. Identify what brings you joy, determine your financial needs, and understand the working conditions that suit you best. By addressing these aspects, you’ll gain a clearer understanding of what kind of job is right for you, allowing you to create a strategy to attain it.


Conquer fear, plan for risk, and develop backup plans


Overcoming fear is crucial for pursuing your dreams. List potential obstacles, assess their likelihood, and challenge unfounded fears. Avoid making decisions based on a fear of missing out, and always have backup plans in place. Building a network of supporters, securing additional income, and maintaining financial discipline serve as a career insurance policy.


Identify skills and weaknesses, meet demands, and present ideas


Focus on all your skills, not just those related to your education. Identify what you enjoy and what you struggle with, then explore how these skills can meet a demand in the market. The 100 People Project is introduced as a method to enhance your skills and connect with potential clients. Keep honing your writing and speaking skills to effectively present yourself and your ideas.


Build your own business while keeping your day job


Launching a business linked to your passion is achievable without quitting your day job. Answer specific questions about your business, plan meticulously, and execute your plans systematically in your free time. This strategy provides financial stability while allowing you to experiment with your business idea.


Create your own job or become your own agent


Traditional job-finding strategies may prove ineffective. Instead of searching for the perfect position, create it. Invent the job that aligns with your skills and find a company willing to create it. For creative professionals, becoming your own manager and promoter is a viable option.


Pursue multiple passions and embrace change


You don’t have to commit to a single career path for life. Adapt your career to changing needs and interests. Workshifting, switching attention between different projects, enables a smooth transition between multiple jobs. Pursue all your passions, embracing the flexibility to choose different skills throughout your career.




Finding the work you were made to do is a unique journey for everyone. Keep an open mind, utilize all your skills, and follow your passions wherever they may lead you. Break free from routine, embrace new experiences, and build your confidence by doing something different at least once a year.

Inspired by a book “Born For This”; Chris Guillebeau

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Unconventional strategies for finding your ideal job.